plastic road plate 20mm thick 1.0m x 3.0m

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Our road plate / excavator mat is the new generation of environmentally friendly plastic panels... more
Product information "plastic road plate 20mm thick 1.0m x 3.0m"

Our road plate / excavator mat is the new generation of environmentally friendly plastic panels (LD-PE and HD-PE). Compared to steel plates, our plastic road plates are lighter, do not rust, can be laid manually (no crane necessary), longer lasting, robust, resistant and a low-cost alternative in all areas of application.

Resistant to water, petroleum and chemicals of all kinds and to all types of load shocks.

4 carrying handles are used for easy laying of the mats.

Can be used in building construction, civil engineering, tent construction, hall construction, pipeline construction, landscaping, heavy transport, Galabau, track construction, railway construction, road construction, sewer construction, pipeline construction, network construction, line construction, as coverings for construction sites, temporary roads and sidewalks, agricultural land, storage floors, stadiums (Arenaböden ) at events and events, helipad, animal enclosure (zoo area), climbing parks and crane logistics

surface: checker design
colour: black
properties: abrasion-resistant, chemicals resistant, compression proof, ground protection, oil resistant, suitable for outdoor area
packaging: 35 plates per pallet
loading *: approx. 55 tons
thickness: 20.0 mm
application: excavator mat, road plate

* Information on load capacity and protective effect are i.a. depending on factors such as temperature, soil class, soil condition, soil carrying capacity, contact surfaces, dynamics & direction of force input. The a brand of WiCo Wichmann, Otto & Cie GmbH + Co. KG is not liable for damage to the ground or estate caused by the use of our products.