Yoga Holzrost GL Typ F

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  • K472514210GL
is suitable for use in dry and wet areas: Applications - Before milling and cutting machines... more
Product information "Yoga Holzrost GL Typ F"

is suitable for use in dry and wet areas:

- Before milling and cutting machines and CNC centres.
- Wherever the work involves metal and wood chips

The benefits at a glance
- very good slip-resistance / R11 (DIN 51130)
- Effective drain-through and aeration / V10 (DIN 51130)
- The timber grate is made of dark stained beech wood. The individual strips of wood are connected using a PVC-coated steel cable; zinc-plated threaded bolts with hexagon socket screws are used as closure.
- The special treatment of wood increases the resistance to fluids & dirt
- Thanks to its rubber bases on the bottom, the stress on the spine and the entire musculature is reduced when standing
- The ribbed strips of wood have a slip-resistant effect.
- Metal filings and wood shavings pass between the profiles
- The timber grate resistant to oil and chemicals can be integrated into various working areas
- The floor can be cleaned comfortably by rolling up the grate
- Withstands pressure and mechanical loads
- In combination with access wedges, the timber grate can be passed over by floor conveyors as well

properties: anti-fatigue properties, anti slip, chemicals resistant, low wear, noise absorbing, open to traffic lift trucks
antislip properties according to DIN 51130: R 11
material: Wood
thickness: 35,0 mm
surface: grooved tread, perforated surface
application: industry, wet area, workshop
colour: brown-yellow
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