yoga solid oil

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Ideal for all working areas where large surfaces are to be covered. Applications - Assembly... more
Product information "yoga solid oil"

Ideal for all working areas where large surfaces are to be covered.

- Assembly lines, workbenches and workstations at machinery
- Order-picking and packet-assembly workplaces
- Storage areas (for corridors and passageways)

The benefits at a glance
- good slip-resistance / R10 (DIN 51130)
- Ideally suited for all areas requiring a safe and slip resistant surface
- The individual mats can be easily connected and made to fit your coverage requirements
- Has a noise-absorbing effect and reduces the impact-sound level in the areas of use
- The 17 mm thick matting effectively insulates against cold floors
- In combination with edging including corners, the floor cover can be passed over (sack trolleys, handcarts etc.)
- The mats are easy to cut into shape and can be individually adapted to the circumstances
- Easy to clean

colour: black, black-yellow
properties: anti-fatigue properties, ground protection, noise absorbing, oil resistant
material: NR (natural rubber)
thickness: 17,0 mm
surface: closed surface, daimond pattern
application: industry, workshop
antislip properties according to DIN 51130: R 10
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