Yoga meter super mats

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Suitable for dry work areas where people walking or standing work, Applications... more
Product information "Yoga meter super mats"

Suitable for dry work areas where people walking or standing work,

-Packstations, assembly stations and assembly lines
-Laboratories and test rooms
-For all areas where work involves very much walking

The benefits at a glance
-good slip-resistance / R10 (DIN 51130)
-Effective drain-through and aeration / V4 (DIN 51130)
-Thanks to the Zedlan material, Yoga Super is three times more elastic than traditional workplace      floor covers made of vinyl and thus makes walking easier
- The surface has the structure of an orange peel, which ensures a good slip-resistance in    combination with the properties of Zedlan
- Approved according to ESD (Electro-Static-Discharge) standards
- Does not lose its elasticity even in case of low temperatures
- Highly wear-resistant and durable
- Temperatures-resistant up to + 60 °C
- Silicon-free

material: PVC
colour: blue, grey
thickness: 10,0 mm
surface: closed surface, daimond pattern
application: industry, workshop
properties: anti-fatigue properties, antistatic, ground protection, noise absorbing
antislip properties according to DIN 51130: R 10
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