Yoga deck ultra mats

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Suitable for dry work areas where people walking or standing work Applications - Assembly... more
Product information "Yoga deck ultra mats"

Suitable for dry work areas where people walking or standing work

- Assembly lines, workbenches and workstations at machinery
- Order-picking and packet-assembly workplaces
The benefits at a glance
- very good slip-resistance / R11 (DIN 51130)
- Effective drain-through and aeration / V4 (DIN 51130)
- The cover consists of a top material of hard PVC with diamond pattern and a bottom material of foamed PVC. The top and bottom materials are vulcanised and absolutely firmly interconnected. Millions of air cells of the bottom material provide the physiologically correct cushioning and prevent tired legs and back pains
- Available in black or black with yellow signal strips for improved passage marking
- Has a noise-absorbing effect, reduces the impact-sound level in the working areas
- The cover does not need to be glued, but attaches itself smoothly and securely to the floor and lies    absolutely flat after a short period
- Bevelled edges for easy moving around
- Its non-porous surface ensures easy and perfect cleaning
- Temperatures-resistant up to + 60 °C

material: PVC
colour: black
thickness: 14,0 mm
surface: closed surface, daimond pattern
application: industry, workshop
properties: anti-fatigue properties, ground protection, low wear, noise absorbing, open to traffic lift trucks
antislip properties according to DIN 51130: R 10
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