REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® round blanks


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The allrounder. REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® is the most popular and appointed quality of anti-slip... more
Product information "REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® round blanks"

The allrounder.

REGUPOL cargo mat 7210® is the most popular and appointed quality of anti-slip mats for the securing of cargo in Germany. This quality got a very good cost effectiveness. Multiple usable
tip: at October 2019 we have changed the product name from Regupol® 7210 LS plus to REGUPOL cargo mat 7210®.

maximum loading *: 250 t/m²
coefficient of sliding friction **: > 0,6 μ
durability: multiple usable
cargo: securing packaging
material: REGUPOL cargo mat 7210®
size: round blanks
assortment: antislip mats

* maximum loading for 8 mm thickness, ** Our anti-slip mats can achieve a coefficient of sliding friction of more than 0.8μ with optimal material pairing. Attention: a value of 0.6 μ should be the base for calculations as coefficient of sliding friction for loading securing, according to VDI terms of reference and we don’t publish generalised and uncommented coefficients of sliding friction. The coefficient of sliding friction of a friction-increasing surface depends on the combination of materials involved, the temperature, the condition of the material surfaces and the anti-slip mat (soiling, moisture, etc.). The contact surfaces of load and floor must be swept clean, grease-free and dry to achieve optimum anti-slip properties.

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